Benefits of Praising God

Apart from the past week and weekend being extremely valuable to me, it has also given me exceptional spiritual healing. The power of prayers has made my life decisive and purposeful. Over the years, I have not gone through the best in life, but I thank God for helping me overcome difficulties on the way. In some instances, God makes us go through obstacles in life to learn from them. With the knowledge acquired in these instances, you can encourage and assist others overcome their problems. How beautiful and pleasing it is when one does an important task that makes a huge difference in the lives of other individuals. Every one of us is obligated to make a big or small difference in other people’s lives. 

Why You Need Prayers in Your Life 

God has given us 24 hours a day, and He only needs you to pray and worship Him for only two hours from that twenty-four hours. Prayers allow you to receive answer from God, receive His power, hear what He wants you to do, get anointing, get knowledge, get wisdom, get blessings, get understanding, get grace, as well as favors. Imagine yourself getting all these benefits by only dedicating two hours in a day to worship and give thanks to Him. The Scripture of Psalms 91:1-2 tells us that, ‘We will be saved a lot of needless anxieties by turning to God and trusting in Him.’


You need to shop at H&M if you need casual wear for the weekend. With as little as $ 100, you can get yourself a pant, top, boot, and sunglasses. As you walk down the streets, people will look at you and admire your outfits. After performing my cat models walk like the famous Naomi Campbell, I received distinctive compliments that made me lost for words.

Love Brings out the Beauty in You

Loving yourself first pave the way to love others uniquely, equally, and respectfully. You discover the fun, excited, beautiful, peaceful and love which eventually leads your mind to great ideas of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment because; the mind is the most masterpiece and valuable gift of your life. You will never know how to love others until you love yourself. Make time to love yourself, so that it can be easy to love others.


Demonstrating professionalism is imperative at all levels in a business, company, church, and job interview. My outfits From H & M is a description of professionalism; it’s a way to present respectable for others. The look is elegant, classy and less expensive.

Best Moment in Time

My past week has been fabulous and entertaining. It was the most exciting moment of my life. My birthday celebration was on Thursday, 20th June. It was my best birthday celebration. This is because I was surrounded by positive people and intelligent entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs were so knowledgeable and therefore I obtained valuable information about businesses and life. This helped me to renew my goals. Most importantly I am grateful to my two sisters and my daughter for making my birthday fun and memorable.

How I Celebrated My Birthday
We celebrated my birthday by going to three restaurants within Washington, that offer my favorite foods. We started off by going to “Milk & Honey “restaurant for a taste of their burger. The burger was served with shrimp and bacon. The burger was properly seasoned thus making it very delicious.

We then proceeded to Lauriol Plaza. The restaurant offers Mexican cuisines. I ordered my favorite Mexican dish and then we proceeded to a Kenyan Restaurant. .The Kenyan restaurant is widely known for its famous dish that is “samaki wa mchuzi”. There was no way I could let my birthday pass without satisfying my craving for a Kenyan made fish. The fish was so delicious and I enjoyed it fully.

My Birthday Dress
I purchased my floral birthday dress from Ross. The dress was cost was below $100. When I went to Ross searching for a birthday dress, the floral dress that was placed at the dressing area caught my attention. However, I was not certain whether it would fit me perfectly due to its size. I decided to fit the dress and to my surprise, it fit me perfectly. I have been receiving a lot of compliments whenever I wear the dress.

To conclude, it`s good to live a happy and joyful life filled with love and excitement. Everybody has problems and troubles. However, despite your tribulations and sorrows, there is also happiness, joy, and victory as well. This is why you should strive to “live your life” each day.

Create your own beauty

Braided was one my favorite thing to do, growing up, loving what you do is the best feeling in the world. I always looking for the best style that fit perfectly on me. June is a very special month, because it’s my birthday month, there is this saying, save the best for last, yes I surely do save the best for last. Every years I choose different hair style to celebrate my birthday. This year I choose the Lulutress water wave. Some of the things I love about the Lulutress water wave are the soft texture, very very unique natural luster, eassy styling, long lasting natural curl and affordable price. Its definitely pulled out the beauty in you.

My daughter love taking pictures of me, she said mommy I can be your photographer and you be the model🌟 My beautiful daughter took this beautiful pictures of me. I’m a proud mother 🤛 I hope you enjoy looking at this pictures, as much I enjoy looking at it🙌

Live beyond your budget

Being a single mother has taught me how to live beyond my budget, as a mother I can’t afford to buy expensive things like I used to buy when I wasn’t a mother, now, that I’m a mother. I buy things beyond my budget. You can still look beautiful and elegant by not buying expensive things. I love to dress and I love to look good. I learn to put things together that looks expensive and elegant. My total outfits, cost is less than $100 by looking at it, you might think it cost much. I wanted to share my journey with every single mothers or anyone that having difficulties to live beyond their budget. You can still look expensive by shopping at a less expensive stores. I’m here to help some women feel comfortable in their own skin.

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