Happiness Is The Key To Healthy Life

My happiness is my greatest gift to others🦋you only have one life to live, be joyful, be happy, and be free. Live your life, don’t live your life for others. Be proud of who you are, you are wonderfully made by the most high God. You are beautiful and God don’t make mistakes. God loves you just the way you are, and you should love yourself just the way God made you. Life is bitter sweet but don’t go for the bitterness of life; go for the sweetness of life because, when you go for the sweetness of life, you’ll find peace, joy, happiness, and freedom. The world is full of hated. People will dislike you for no reason. For instance some people dislike me because; I’m pretty, some dislike me because; I’m skinny, and some even dislike me because; I post about God.  You can’t please people on this Earth, but you can please God. God appreciate you. God loves you🙏Live for you, don’t live for others ✍️🗣

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